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Kate Ldn was designed by a Self-taught Makeup artist known as Katie’s faces on Instagram. Katie's been in the industry for 3 years now and noticed very quickly that the range of lashes was lacking. 

After listening to her client's frustrations, she

decided to create a range of strip lash styles

to suit everybody and to fulfil her quest of producing " the perfect lash! ".

The most important factor, within any creative industry - is sharing

and instating knowledge. Her aim is to give makeup artists

and individuals alike, a choice and a guide to

know which lash is correct for different personalities, 

eye shapes and occasions.


Her passion for her work and love for her clients

gave her no choice but to create a brand where

the customer comes first. Whether your

conventional, cute, glam or out-right sassy -  there’s a choice for everyone.

We all know how hard the beauty industry is

and the scrutiny that comes along with it, but also

how rewarding it is when it's done right. Kate Ldn's

aim is to simplify all/ every beauty application possible, at an affordable price. 

We hope you enjoy every single product Kate Ldn has to offer and keep a lookout for more exciting things to come in the future… 

“Beauty is always Soul, just enhance your outer layer “

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